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Seafood Inspection Services
Synes - 6040 Vigra - Norway
Phone  :  +47 900 99 370
E-mail  :   seafood[krøllalfa]
Org no  :  988 024 228 (Enterprice/Vat no)
Bank information
Adress main office: NORDEA BANK
P.O Box 124
6001 Aalesund - NORWAY
IBAN no.: NO2565500636496
Swift Code: NDEANOKK
Our a/c NOK: 6550.06.36496


MSC Chain of Custody Certification

Training in auditing MSC Chain of Custody Certification; Seafood Inspection Services will be trained week 9 in auditing together with SGS Product & Process Certification. Sindre Synnes has a EOQ Quality Auditor course. (Lead auditor course NFKL 8. October 1999)

MSC Chain of Custody Certification Methodology The Chain of Custody Certification Methodology sets out how accredited certifiers must apply the MSC standard for seafood traceability when assessing businesses in the supply chain. This methodology is the intellectual property of the MSC and is periodically updated by the MSC’s Technical Advisory Board. The TAB also provides directives to support this methodology and provide further guidance for certifiers. The current version of the MSC chain of custody certification methodology is Version 2, finalized in August 2005. This methodology ensures that the supply chain for MSC certified seafood is secure and that the MSC chain of custody standard is properly applied. It specifies requirements such as:

  1. How certifiers should assess mass-balance
  2. What documentation is necessary to demonstrate a secure supply chain
  3. How to identify a non-conformance and what action to take
  4. How to conduct a spot-check or product traceback
  5. What rules govern certificate withdrawals and suspensions



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